The absences of all children are regularly monitored and where a child is off on a number of occasions, we will discuss this with parents. In some cases, referrals will be made to Attendance & Prosecution Services.

Children who need to be taken out of school for an appointment must be signed out at the school office. This is to ensure that we know where children are going and with whom.

All medical/dental and other appointments are to be made after school where possible. If your child has an appointment in the morning please contact the school office for advice and provide evidence. If your appointment is after 9am please ensure the child is in school for registration.

If your child is off due to an illness or absence for any other reason please contact the school office in the first instance by 9am and everyday thereafter. If we do not receive a text/call regarding the child’s absence this will be an unauthorised absence.

To send a text: 0121 285 1043

We are unable to authorise holidays and wherever possible these MUST be taken during school holidays. Parents who want to request an absence for their child must fill in a leave of absence request form. These must be submitted to the school office so that we know where children are.   If parents take their children away without completing a request form, we will exercise our right to charge parents.


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