Albion Foundation work in school developing skills such as turn-taking and hand-eye coordination with some of pupils. Their organised day events at the Portway Lifestyle Centre are a major event and this year’s was no exception.

What fun it was trying to bash Baggy bird trying to dress each other and the staff up in costumes. (Gracie was dressed up as a banana!)

Knocking over skittles is a favourite game but nothing beat Miss Hollyoake being pulled around on the sleigh and the dressing the Christmas tree relay. Another highlight was Dodgeball when Miss Stott reckoned she and Aleena did their ten thousand steps running between the throwing and it was nothing short of a (wonderful) miracle to see Richard’s face light up and to hear him say ‘ I love this game!’

No-one was allowed to leave without seeing Santa in his grotto and receiving gifts.

Thanks to the Albion Foundation for another Christmas Cracker

A special day and as ever exemplary behaviour from the children