What an exciting week for Year 2! We have been really busy with Spring Week. We have look at our school grounds and found the first signs of spring ie buds starting to grow. We collected some natural resources and used them to make memory sticks.

In Maths and English we have been working hard and preparing for our forthcoming SATS. We have been learning how to add 2 digit numbers on a blank number line. We have moved also looked at recognising money and making different values in lots of different ways ie how many ways can I make 45p?

We will be subtracting next week. We will do this by finding the difference on a blank number line. In English we have been writing our own story based on a book we have been reading. We have used our success criteria to ensure that we include all of the Year 2 skills expected of us.

In swimming we are really gaining confidence.

Thank you for hearing our children read. It is really helping them.