At Ryders Green Primary School, we have designed the National Curriculum around our key ambition for our children. We want to provide aspiration to all of our children despite the barriers they face.

To do this we provide opportunities so our children can stand equal with their peers now and in their adult life. We make sure our children can confidently read, write, articulate, reason, feel safe and confident with water, play team games and enjoy music by playing instruments.

We know the future is unknown but we believe, at Ryders Green, our world will always need honesty, respect and kindness so we focus on these values in all we do. Our children will positively contribute to society by being honest, respectful and kind citizens.

We understand that the employment landscape is always changing and we do not know what this will exactly look like when our children enter the workforce, however, we want them to them to be a success; so, at Ryders Green we believe that giving our children the skills to co-operate, to reason, to listen, to speak confidently and the belief they can achieve will help our children be successful employees.

We live in a multi-cultural community, region, country and world and it is important that we demonstrate tolerance and uphold our British values of democracy, respect and resilience. We provide learning opportunities for our children to recognise what it is to be proud. We help our children be proud of who they are, proud of living and working in West Bromwich, the Black Country, England, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. We demonstrate this by exploring our heritage and geographical features.

All subjects within the National Curriculum are important to us at Ryders Green. In addition to these subjects, we make reference to the STEM subjects. We are very aware that in order to boost the UK within the global economy there needs to be more employees in STEM related subjects. The global pandemic has also confirmed to us the importance of scientists, technology and data. We believe referring to STEM in our curriculum will help our children be inspired to have a STEM related career and also have the edge on their competitors by having an understanding of STEM.

We believe that if we help children develop a curiosity to find out more about the world around us, they will excel. We have extracurricular clubs based on the passions and expertise of the staff hoping this may inspire the children to take these on as a passion or hobby or future career. We have outdoor learning environments and an imagination studio to provide children with experiences that they can make learning connections with their prior knowledge and amend misconceptions. Also, our children have access to a device so they can research answers to the questions they generate.

We raise our children’s aspirations by being part of the Children University so they can experience how it feels to graduate. These graduations include wearing a cap and gown and is shared with our stakeholders. We champion improving our children’s cultural capital within our curriculum.

Our intent is carried out by a hardworking team committed to making the best of our children’s one chance at primary school. We are guided by our Ryders Green principles that we have collective responsibility; we are as good as our weakest link and as good as our last attempt.

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