The meals are freshly prepared each day by our skilled catering staff. The kitchen cater for children with food allergies as much as they can, so please let the office know if your child has a medical requirement regarding food.

If your child hasn’t tried a school meal before, this is a great time to start!

School meals are priced £2.30 each day.

Dolce catering provide our school lunches.  They provide a variety of hot and cold meals prepared freshly every day on site. 

You can order your child’s meals daily, weekly or half termly. All orders must be placed 8:55am if your child requires a school lunch on that day.

Every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 is entitled to a free school meal.

To view the new school meal menu, please select the file below:

Milk is one essential part of a growing child’s diet. It contains a wide range of nutrients; energy protein and vitamins and is also a particularly valuable source of calcium – vital for strong teeth and bones. At Ryders Green we operate a milk scheme provided by Cool Milk- providing a daily carton or glass of milk, usually at mid-morning. If your child is under five they are entitled to free school milk. For more information visit

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