At Ryders Green, we strive to give every child, every opportunity, at their one chance in primary school.

Through STEM at Ryders Green, we encourage children to use their curiosity, creativity and imagination, to work collaboratively, asking questions, carry out investigations and draw conclusions

Through the planning, implementation and adaption of ideas and concepts, children gain a broader understanding and appreciation of the world around them. They are able to make links between subjects as well as the ‘real world’ and how STEM influences and improves their lives. These skills are transferable into everyday life inside the school as well as outside and their future careers.


Children at Ryders Green are supported to become enthusiastic about STEM and are encouraged to make links across other subject areas. Teachers actively encourage children to see and develop these links, building in opportunities wherever possible. In KS1 and KS2 staff use a range of resources including ideas provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry to support and embed STEM learning links within the wider curriculum.

During each academic year the children take part in a STEM/Science week that is also linked to the activities for British Science Week. These are designed to enrich and develop further their understanding of STEM and its place within the wider world and future aspirations.

Impact Statement

STEM influences nearly every part of our daily lives. By developing and implementing a STEM approach we encourage children to learn to think in a creative manner, developing reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking skills that can then be adapted across the curriculum and life itself. It encourages them to analyse problems and find ways to overcome these as well as to ‘think outside the box’. It actively encourages children to become risk takers and innovators, boosting confidence and a sense of achievement.

Listening to one another’s ideas and building upon what is said exposes children’s preconceived ideas, opens their eyes to alternatives and lets them find the truth of these. Taking turns and sharing are important contributions in developing a systematic approach to problem solving, building up thinking, patience and resilience. These skills are transferable into life inside the school as well as outside and their future careers.


We link STEM linked careers within our units of work. These are available to our families on our curriculum overviews.

Links and Workshops for STEM

An exciting new opportunity is available to our pupils in Year 5! ‘Imagine a City’ will see the children work with the University of Wolverhampton on a project involving civil engineering and interactive drama to design and build prototype cityscapes. This will culminate in the children creating an exhibition of the cityscapes at the university campus.


We endeavour to smash stereotypes by showcasing diversity across all careers including STEM. 

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