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Welcome to the Ryders Green Website. My name is Lucy Blackmore and I am the Head Teacher of this wonderful school. There are so many fabulous things I want to tell you about Ryders Green Primary so I hope that you will find this website both informative and useful. Through our website, we aim to give you the full flavour of all that we offer the children and families of Ryders Green.

We provide the highest quality education for children from 3 up to 11 years of age. In that time we make sure that they have lots of exciting learning opportunities to enable them make the most of their one chance at Primary School. After up to seven years at Ryders Green we guarantee that your child will be a confident, aspiring, respectful and enthusiastic learner and citizen. We offer a curriculum where your child can explore, develop and achieve. We sincerely hope that your child will leave with a strong sense of achievement, satisfaction and a life long love for learning.

If you would like to visit us, please call the school office to make an appointment as we would love you to see for yourself what a truly wonderful school Ryders Green is.

I personally look forward to meeting you and showing you around our lovely school. 

Teaching School

Become a qualified teacher at our school.

For the past two years we have offered training opportunities for Schools Direct students through Services for Education and Calthorpe Teaching school. We appreciate the successful start we can give to teachers during the first three years of their career and the positive impact that this can have on the whole of their career. We have specialist skills amongst our school staff to ensure that this happens consistenly.

The Services for Education is a collaboration of a number of primary, secondary, all age, mainstream and special schools that are located in the West Midlands area (an off-shoot of Birmingham Local Authority).

Services for Education works with its partners to create a dynamic learning community that shares best practice, supports staff development and explores innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Through their collaborative work with their strategic partners, they are now in the position to offer high quality CPD, leadership development and school to school packages for staff in both special and mainstream schools.

Services for Education work collaboratively with many partners and welcome opportunities to form new relationships. All of their partners contribute to raising standards in learning and teaching. Next year, we will be having a a group of NQTs working in school to develop their early practice over a three year period and we will be sharing that good practice with the other schools in the cluster in establishing a successful start to a teacher's career.



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Educational Visits

We at Ryders Green understand the importance of giving children as many different experiences as possible during their one chance at primary school. All children take part in a wide variety of visits, linked to closely to their topic to inspire and engage.

The children across the whole school take part in a local trip, a trip further afield and they also have a visitor into school. We ask the children to make a contribution of only £5 for all three activities so that they can all enjoy and learn from the carefully planned activities selected by our wonderful teachers.

We are very keen for the children to experience as many different places that form part of our history and understand how life in Britain has been influenced and changed through the generations.

Take a look at our gallery to see some of the places we have visited recently.

'We learnt how Tim Peake would feel in space, it really helped me imagine what it would be like!' Year 5 student

'The Roman Villa was very different to my house and I could understand what life might have been like.' Year 3 student

'Life in Roman times was very different to our lives today, but it is good that they left behind some of their inventions like the roads.' Year 3 student

'The castle was amazing! It is so big and I would love to be a Knight.' Year 1 student


World Book Day 2016

On Thursday 3rd March 2016, Ryders Green celebrated World Book Day. Both children and staff made an excellent effort in dressing up as their favourite book characters. Throughout the day, children took part in a range of book-based workshops and even had chance to visit a book store. 


More photographs from this fantastic day can be found in the gallery.

"I loved World Book Day because we could buy some books and take them home. We could dress as our favourite character too."

"Today has been really good because we were able to dress up as our favourite characters and buy cheap books."

"I enjoyed World Book Day because it was fun and I loved the books because they were really interesting. I had a fabulous day."

"Today I had a fantastic time learning new things about books! I especially liked dressing up as my favourite character."

"I liked World Book Day because my class got a chance to see lots of different books."

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