We believe swimming is a life skill and can create opportunities for children later in life, this could be academically or socially.

Healthy Lifestyle

At Ryders Green, we are always looking for a way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Whilst learning to swim, the children are also taught about the health benefits of swimming. See below for some more information.

Swimming Awards

All of our children from Years 1-6 have the opportunity to go swimming. For us, at Ryders Green, we view it as a core part of our curriculum and by providing this opportunity all of our children can learn to swim.


During our swimming lessons the children follow the ‘Learn to Swim Stage 1-7 Awards’ and they are divided into progressive stages. These awards make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school aged children.

The Awards are designed to reward the children for their development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

Each of the Learn to Swim Stage 1-7 Awards has a list of clear outcomes that need to be completed in order to gain each Award.

To read more about what the awards entail, please visit the website below:

Learn to Swim Stage 1-7 Awards | Swim England Learn to Swim (swimming.org)

The Learn To Swim outcomes can be downloaded here:

Water Safety

We focus on water safety as well as skills and achieving awards. We understand this to be important knowledge for the children to gain during their swimming curriculum at Ryders Green.

For more information about Water Safety, please download the guide below.


We also explore with the pupils the wider benefits of swimming. The children understand that swimming can be fun and help to keep us safe, however the skill of swimming can also open up a whole career in the future. The path to a career in swimming starts right here at Ryders Green.

Why not take a look at the website below for some more information of careers which swimming is at the heart!

Swim into a career – MSU Extension

Our Role Models

When considering our future aspirations, we also look to people in our local area who have achieved incredible things with swimming being the main contributing factor.

Ellie Simmonds – from Aldridge, less then ten miles away from West Bromwich, Ellie has had worldwide success. Gaining medals at championships all around the world, she became a household name when she won two gold medals in Bejing in 2008 and then a further two gold medals in London 2012! From her initial career as a competitive swimmer, Ellie is now a TV presenter and even on tour with Strictly Come Dancing!

Karnell Nunes-Smith – the up and coming swimmer from Oldbury has recently recorded the fastest swim time in England for a 17 year old! Being a competitive swimmer is certainly something we can all aim for! Read more about his achievements here: Gifted and talented Karnell Nunes-Smith achieves fastest West Midlands swim of all time | Sandwell Council

School Swimming Dates

Please visit the page below to see the swimming dates for your child’s class:

Ryders Green Primary School | Calendars / Swimming

Sandwell is the home of the Sandwell Aquatics Centre which was built for the Commonwealth games 2022