At Ryders Green, we strive to give every child, every opportunity, at their one chance in primary school.

Welcome to our school website! I am very proud to be able to share with you the wonderful opportunities we provide at Ryders Green Primary School.

We all get one chance at our education. Education provides us opportunities to better ourselves. This can be in terms of our own skills, knowledge and understanding, how we interact with our peers, develop common values and develop our aspiration for the future. As Martin Luther King, Junior explained;

‘It seems to me that education has a two-fold function to perform in the life of man and in society: the one is utility and the other is culture. Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his life’.

I am honoured to lead a hard working and committed school team and community where we are determined to educate, and as our motto says ‘make the most of a child’s one chance’ at primary school. Before you read on please watch a clip from the Royal Society which summarises how we begin to achieve this.

 Why a career in science is for me? created by the Royal Society

As the clip explains science is the best way of finding out about nature.  All of us already have ideas about how things work but as new knowledge becomes available it changes our ideas. Science is also about how we think. It is about approaching problems in an organised way, having an open mind to views that are different to your own and challenge your thinking. It harnesses the power of a child’s imagination to solve problems that we can all have. I love science and over the eight years I have been at the school we have encouraged and motivated children and staff here to find out more across the whole curriculum.

We add an extra dimension to our curriculum by connecting our National Curriculum subjects with Science, Technology. Engineering and Maths (STEM). You will see this in all our classrooms. It allows children and staff to make connections between what they are learning and the world of nature, or the STEM subjects. As the clip references, the subject of Science ‘opens the doors of a world of subject choices’ and we hope our rich and inspiring curriculum and extra curricular activities inspires our children to take on hobbies, develop passion and aspire highly. We want them to make a positive impact on our planet, we want them to contribute positively to our society, we want them to contribute to our economy, we want them to do something they enjoy and make a different to peoples lives.

 The purpose of a school website is to provide an insight about the school. I hope we achieve this for you but I also hope it leaves you wanting to find out more about us.

Lucy Blackmore