Did you know?

Our music provision is free to our children.

Our provision is based upon the feedback of our children and staff.

All of our instrumentalists wear a treble clef badge to recognise the commitment and hard work needed to play an instrument.

We have music journals which means we can make a note of our homework, create our own music.

We have an open mic session in our Wow assembly every Friday morning.

Our music leader is currently on secondment with SIPs Music to share good practice across our wider community, including our new CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra) Secondary Academy.

Interesting facts about our brass provision

All of our Year 3’s learn to play the trumpet in Year.

Approximately 70 children across Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 took part in our end of term performance for our brass instrumentalists.

All of our Y4, Y5 and Y6 children have played trumpet for a year in Year 3.

26 children are trying out for a brass instrument over February

2 children, so far, have been awarded Grade 2

We have a brass band

We all know Jingle Bells off by heart 🙂

Interesting facts about our strings provision

We have approximately 35 children who play violin in Year 6.

All of Year 2 play violin on a weekly basis.

Approximately 20 Year 3 children play violin after school.

We have 12 children play cello.

All of our Year 5’s are in their second year of learning the ukulele.

All of of our Year 6’s played ukulele for a year in Year 4.

We have approximately 25 children from Year 4 , Year 5 and Year 6 build upon their ukulele skills in an after school club.

Everyone who watched our end of term performance said it was amazing.

We all know Jingle Bells off by heart 🙂

Interesting facts about our wind provision

All of our Year 1’s begin to play recorder.

We have 7 children play clarinet.

We know jingle bells off by heart 🙂

Interesting things about our drumming provision

We have a drum skill set after school club.

How we use STEM to enhance our music provision?

Our children use their prior knowledge to play an instrument more successfully.

‘Playing the ukulele, trumpet and violin has made me realise that there are the same notes on all tuned instruments’ Y6

‘I became better at playing the violin when I realised why we have to keep the strings tight and apply different pressures to make notes.’ Year 3

‘I have transferred my understanding and skills from the ukulele to the violin’. Year 6 child

‘The more I practice, the more my muscles develop and the more clearer the notes are’. Year 4 child

‘We have smaller violins in Year 2 because we have smaller arms’ Year 2 child

Sound (levitation) in the real world

How about being a composer?