What is Children’s University (CU)?

Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. This is done by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school.

What does CU look like at Ryders Green?

At Ryders Green, we have a fantastic number of clubs on offer to children. Our senior leaders, teachers and HLTA’s run these clubs daily from 3:15pm – 4:15pm.

Through participation in these after school clubs, children can earn hours towards their certificates. The more clubs that the children attend, the more hours they build up.

Once a child has attended their first after school club, a passport to learning is set up and kept their in classroom. The hours that the children have achieved are recorded in the passports and should they continue to take part in after school clubs, their hours will progress as the children move through the school. The hours are not reset when a child moves up the next year group.

What are the graduations like? What certificates do the children receive?

Graduations are events which celebrate both the commitment by children to the after school clubs and the hard work that they display in these clubs.

At a graduation, we usually have a group of children showcasing their talents which have been developed in one of our after school clubs. Miss Blackmore then calls each graduate in turn to collect their certificate. At our gold graduations, a guest speaker usually speaks. Last year we had a very inspiring speech from the Mayor of Wolverhampton!

The more hours of after school clubs that the children complete, the further they move through the awards. The following certificates are available:

Every academic year we have
three graduation days. This consists of:When children reach these milestones, parents are invited to watch their child graduate in a cap and gown. Should they wish to, parents can also have a photo taken of their child.

January – An in school graduation recognising children for bronze and silver achievements.

June – An in school graduation recognising children for bronze and silver achievements.

July – A special graduation at the University of Wolverhampton to celebrate gold achievements from the academic year. A guest visitor speaks at this event and it truly is a memorable day for children and parents. A professional photographer is also present to take photos that are then given to children as a keepsake for the day.

Please note: In order for the Cu Co-ordinator to collate the club hours, there are cut off points throughout the year for Children to achieve these hours before each graduation. There are:

January graduation – December cut off.

June graduation – April cut off.

July graduation – April cut off.

Where a child does not achieve the hours for their next certificate, these hours can be built upon during the next term to ensure that they get there.

Who can get involved?

Children’s University is on offer for all children in Years 1-6. When a child has completed their first after school club, a CU passport is set up for them and moves with them through the school. When children leave the school in Year 6, they are given their CU passport to take with them in case they wish to continue to collect hours at external learning destinations.

What was awarded at our latest graduation ceremony?

In July 2021 we were able to hold our first post-COVID graduation ceremony at school for our children leaving Year 6. The table below shows how many hours our children achieved.

Hours Type of Award Number of children
65 Silver Award 1 child
100 Gold Award 4 children
165 Silver Certificate 1 child
200 Gold Certificate 7 children
230 Bronze Diploma 1 child
300 Gold Diploma 4 children
330 Bronze Degree 2 children
365 Silver Degree 1 child
400 Gold Degree 1 child

What clubs are on offer?

Afterschool Clubs 2021/2022

Are clubs the only way to earn hours?

No – we also have holiday activities, hours at external learning destinations and research units created by class teachers.

Holiday challenge activities:

At the end of every half term, a challenge sheet is given out. In recent years, this has been in paper format. However, we have now moved forward and are sending out holiday challenges via our Children’s University email address.

The children are informed of what the activity is, what they need to do and what evidence they need provide in order to achieve their extra hours.

All evidence is then returned by the given cut-off date to: childrensuniversity@rydersgreen.sandwell.sch.uk

The hours will go towards each child’s overall CU total.

External learning destinations:

Children can also earn extra hours by attending activities at registered CU learning destinations.

You can search for the registered activities near you by following this link.


More information will be given on how children’s hours from external learning destinations can be counted, at a later date…

For more information visit: http://www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/ 

or speak to Miss Houldey.

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