We believe swimming is a life skill. As a result children from Year 1 to Year 6 now attend the local swimming pool for leisure sessions. All pupils receive a one hour swimming lesson every fortnight for the whole academic year.


Within PE lessons, pupils take part in curriculum activities that are differentiated, assessed and have high activity levels. At the end of each term pupil assessments are completed which allows teachers to monitor pupil progress in PE.


We prepare pupils positively for life in modern Britain and promote fundamental British values by having a sports coach that focuses on the holistic side of Sport. Team work and self esteem.

Results from pupil voice questionnaire.

  1. Miss Sunner helps pupils to be more respectful, democratic, demonstrates and encourages an equal chance for all, working collaboratively and as a team (this is also promoted in the Schools use of KAGAN).
  2. Emphasise and encourage a tolerance of School Conduct.
  3. Encourage and improve high expectations for social behaviour both in and out of school.
  4. Miss Sunner is an inspiration to many pupils at Ryders Green and is seen as the perfect role model.
  5. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – therefore, kick-starting healthy active lifestyles
  6. Pupils play well together, sharing, taking turns and being an effective member of a team.
  7. Pupils are able to initiate their own games following set rules. The children respect each other.
  8. Pupils are ready to learn during their afternoon sessions.

After School Clubs

Ryders Green provide an extremely wide variety of After Schools clubs in order to raise levels of engagement and enjoyment and provide opportunity children to take part in a range of different sporting activities. The numbers of pupils attending after school clubs have increased and continue to grow.  Pupils clearly stated that they enjoyed the after school sports clubs and there is always a high demand to take part in particular sports clubs. Our after school clubs have a wellbeing focus for our pupils.

School Competitions and Tournaments

  • Increased participation in competitive sport
  • Increased the opportunities for our pupils to experience competitive events and ‘sporting behaviours’ when winning or losing.
  • Encouraging competitive sport not only with other pupils and peers within the school but also with other primary schools and children in the area.
  • The children at Ryders Green are enthusiastic to participate in sport and P.E.