Miss Blackmore Head Teacher

Miss Allden Deputy Head

Miss Edmundson Senco (SEND)

Miss Trapani Assistant Head Overviews Lower School / Y2 Leader / Whole School Maths Leader


Mrs Travis Teacher, Community and Geography

Ms Bentley Support


Miss Graham Early Years Leader

Mrs Ethell Teacher and EYS Quality Mark

Mrs Mann Teacher and Collaborative Learning

Mrs Luczak Support

Miss Love HLTA

Year One

Mrs Malhi Year 1 Lead Teacher and Phonics

Miss Allen Teacher

Miss Garrington Support

Mrs Begum Support

Mrs Heer Support

Year Two

Miss Richards Teacher, Outdoor Learning and DT

Miss Kaur Teacher and Healthy Lifestyle

Mr Soulsby HLTA

Miss Corbett Support

Year Three

Miss Houldey Y3 Lead Teacher, Children's University

Miss Fiaz Teacher

Miss Ellis Support

Miss Kaur Support

Miss Beale Support

Year Four

Miss Taher Teacher

Miss E-Banks Teacher

Mrs Stott HLTA

Miss Hollyoake Support

Miss Parkash Support

Year Five

Mrs Bayley-Kitts Y5 Lead Teacher, Music & Arts

Mrs Fenton Teacher

Mrs Chahal Support

Mrs Humphries Support

Year Six

Miss Malek Teacher

Miss Adams Teacher / History

Mrs Riat Teacher / Wider Curriculum / Challenging Greater Depth Project / PSHE / RE (British Values)

Miss Randle Support

Mrs Leech Support

Mrs Robinson HLTA

Premise and Site Manager

  • Wayne Fellows

Business Office Administrators

  • Mrs Bate
  • Ms Burford

Reprographics / Librarian

  • Miss Panesar

Technical Support

  • Mrs Johal

Cleaning Staff

  • Miss Whale
  • Mrs Eagles
  • Mrs Fletcher
  • Ms Wooly

Lunchtime Staff

  • Mr Alleyne
  • Mrs Whale
  • Mrs Phillips
  • Mrs Gahir
  • Miss Panesar
  • Miss Wilkinson
  • Mrs Kaur
  • Miss Tipper