At the centre of all of our learning at Ryders Green, we ensure that our children are supported during their ‘One Chance’ through a range of teaching and learning approaches and strategies with our main focus: Collaboration.

Why have we chosen our teaching approaches at Ryders Green?

We believe that using different teaching methods, which are rooted in theory of different teaching styles, will help the pupils be more engaged, motivated and reach their full potential. In order to maintain the highest impact we have established a variety of teaching approaches, which are consistent and embedded. We have a clear vision, to provide our children with the resources to stand as equals with all they encounter throughout their lives. We encourage children of mixed abilities to work together by promoting collaborative learning opportunities. Through verbally expressing their ideas and responding to others. Pupils in turn, develop self-confidence, as well as enhance their communication and critical thinking skills, which are vital throughout life.

We pose and encourage the development of thought-provoking questions, which inspire our pupils to think for themselves, identify further learning opportunities, dive deeper into their learning, and become more independent learners. This supports our school development plan to create inquiry-based classrooms and learning environments. Encouraging pupils to ask questions and investigate their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving skills, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of new and known concepts and becoming responsible learners. All of which are important life skills.

All children have the opportunity to access the curriculum through allocated tasks which are supplied with the intention to expose children to work pitched at all abilities, resulting in providing challenge for all. Children are able to access this through the support provided, in the form of peer support through Kagan, exciting and informative learning environments and an extensive range of quality resources. This is evident with staff sharing the vision that all pupils become independent learners equipped with the skills to develop their own learning and understanding.