Hello Year 3, we hope your home learning is going well. Just like it has been the last few weeks, your Maths learning is on the website called Oak Academy. Please follow the links on the timetable and let your teacher know if you have any problems.

We are still attaching a Maths and English work book below, however it is really important that you try to follow the learning on Oak Academy as this follows the topics that you will have missed whilst we aren’t at school. Below you will find your timetable for this week. As usual it follows a normal school day. Please make sure you follow the timetable and if you need any help please ask your teachers!

All of your teachers will be available to help via email during school hours, 9am-3pm. During this time, we will be working on other school priorities aswell so we may not email back straight away.

Please find attached a timetable for your home learning for the week commencing – 13/07/2020

Miss Houldey- jordan.houldey@rydersgreen.sandwell.sch.uk

Miss Fiaz- samia.fiaz@rydersgreen.sandwell.sch.uk

Miss Kaur-pam.kaur@rydersgreen.sandwell.sch.uk

Miss Ellis- debbie.ellis@rydersgreen.sandwell.sch.uk

Mrs Stott- pat.stott@rydersgreen.sandwell.sch.uk

For technical support with apps..etc.. please email Mrs Johal —- angela.johal@rydersgreen.sandwell.sch.uk

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